Enroll in this 1 hour in water scuba experience if you're a little apprehensive and would like to try scuba before you take the full certification course.

This is the classroom and pool training portion of the PADI Open Water Course. We offer Weekend and Weeknight classes. Please call 815-479-0996 to schedule private lessons.

To complete your PADI Open Water Certification you'll need to do 4 Open Water Training Dives. You can do them on Vacation or with Sea Level Diving May thru October. If you're doing them with us, pick your dates from the list in Open Water Training Dives. It is best to pick your dive weekend when you pick your class and pool time. 

After the class and pool training you will need to do the Open Water Certification dives. all 4 dives can be done in one weekend.
After doing 5 Adventure Dives, including Deep Diver and Navigation, you will receive this certification.
This course emphasizes self rescue and the rescue of other divers.
This is the PADI Specialty course for Enriched Air Nitrox certification.

This is the First Aid and CPR course needed to do the PADI Rescue Diver Course. 

This is a great addon to the Emergency First Response course. As a diver Oxygen is used in all diving related accidents.