Advanced Adventurer

The Advanced Adventurer course allows a diver to complete 5 task specific dives over 1 weekend. The most popular dives are Deep, Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Search & Recovery and Wreck, however you can choose any 5 dives you like. If you choose to do the corresponding specialty course at a later date, the dive you did for the Advanced Adventurer will count as one of the required dives for that specialty.  

Advanced Adventurer Course

Advanced Adventurer (AAC) is the next certification level after Open Water Diver. Divers may sign up for an Advanced Adventurer course immediately after the Open Water certification dives. This will give you five more dives under the supervision of an instructor. To achieve the level of Advanced Adventurer, simply do the first dive of 5 different Specialty courses. We will be doing a deep dive and you can choose 4 more from the following Specialty courses: Digital Photographer, Navigation, Night Diver, Perfect Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Wreck diver. 

Prerequisites: Open Water Certification

Minimum Age: 12

What you'll need: 
A full set of scuba equipment appropriate for local diving conditions.  (rental available at special rate)        
Knife or cutting tool*
Slate and pencil*
Audible surface signaling device**
Dive Computer**

Equipment can be rented from Sea Level Diving at a special discount rate of $50.00 for the course. 

Course fee includes Eco-Friendly digital training materials and park entrance fees. 

We are collecting the park entrance fee when you register for the course to expedite the check in prosses at the parks. The fee for the course is $254.95, the park fees are $40.00. your total at checkout will be $294.95. 

Course Schedule

* We do not rent these items.
** included with our rental gear but not rented separately.

Individual Price $294.95
Location Sea Level Diving
Attachment SSI Advanced Adventurer signup stepbystep 1.2.pdf