Would you like to assist instructors with open water diver courses and collect valuable teaching experience to become a diving instructor? Then qualifying as an SSI Assistant Instructor is the right program for you! Learn to teach new divers academics and confined water skills under the supervision of a scuba instructor.

The Assistant Instructor rating is the next step after becoming a Divemaster along the scuba instructor pathway. It allows you to collect valuable teaching experience, practice briefings, teach academics, and conduct in-water training. If you want to further your career as a dive professional, you can finish the Instructor Training Course, pass the Instructor Evaluation, and become an Open Water Diving Instructor.

The Assistant Instructor program consists of:

Online Study - You will study the eco-friendly digital training materials at home. Approximately 10 hours of reading, videos, and quizzes.
4 days of Instructor-led classroom & pool training. The typical schedule would include Orientation and paperwork, lectures, and active learning sessions in the pool.

An SSI Assistant Instructor is qualified to:

Present the academic portion of the Open Water Diver course under the indirect supervision of an Instructor. 
Evaluate the confined pool skills of the Open Water Diver course, except for the emergency ascent skills, under the indirect supervision of an Instructor.  
Conduct surface skill evaluations during the Open Water Diver course training dives under the instructor’s indirect supervision.
Teach and certify students in Try Scuba, Scuba Skills Update, all ecology courses, Altitude, Boat, Computer, Equipment, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, Photo & Video, Science of Diving, and Waves Tides and Currents, specialty courses. Additional training may be required to teach some of the listed specialties.


  • Divemaster certification

  • 18 years old

  • 75 logged dives with 50 or more hours underwater.

  • First Aid & CPR and emergency oxygen training within the last 24 months (React Right course)

  • Diving Medical Statement dated and signed by a physician within the last 12 months

What you'll need:

Total Diving System including mask, snorkel, fins, boots, wet suit, hood, gloves, BCD, regulator, alternate air source, dive computer, SPG, knife, compass, deployable surface marker buoy, tanks, whistle, and weights.
SSI Wetnotes.
Dive Briefing and Guiding Evaluation Slate.
Buddy Team Log Slate.

SSI Registration Fee: $100.00

Course fee, including training materials: $1284.00

Image of assistant instructor scuba course certification

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