Apeks ThermIQ DRY - Drysuit

The ThermIQ Dry is an amazingly flexible Drysuit for use in all water conditions. Its lightweight breathable fabric makes it the perfect choice for the demanding, traveling diver. With comfort being in the right essence of the ThermIQ Dry's composition, there is no more pleasurable way to dive dry.

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  • Large cargo pockets with internal bungee loops allow you to carry and store all of your accessories securely
  • Supplied with inflator hose and heavy duty changing mat bag
  • 11sizes available (8 men's and 3 women's)
  • Flexible neck ring with replaceable seals
  • Lightweight 4 layer breathable fabric
  • User replaceable oval wrist seals
  • neoprene socks

Additional Details (The ThermIQ ONE Undergarment)

The one-piece base layer, the ThermiQ One, really is the ultimate in undersuit technology. Where science blends with brilliant design, the ThermiQ One is made from cozy fleece with graphene wrapped fibers. Graphene acts as a super-conductor, regulating skin temperature by transferring heat from warm areas of the body to cooler areas. The ThermiQ One offers comfort and practicality to rival anything on the market today and works in perfect union with the ThermiQ Dry suits.

In Stock Now! 1 Large Drysuit & 1 Large Undergarment

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