Don’t own a regulator?

Rent one from someone you trust, rent it from Sea Level Diving!

The regulator is the single most important piece of equipment you depend on while scuba diving. It’s life support equipment and you should not take for granted that every dive shop rents well maintained equipment! I’ve seen first hand the poor condition some rental regulators are in, even at the best resorts. That being said, the only way to be sure your equipment is in the best possible condition is to own and maintain your own equipment, however not everyone can justify owning it. So when you do have to rent, rent from someone you know and trust; Sea Level Diving. We rent Aqua Lung regulators, alternate air sources, and Suunto 3 gauges consoles (Suunto Zoop Computer upgrade available). All of our rental regulators are serviced annually and tested before you take it on vacation. If you like, we’ll even let you get in the pool at no additional charge. Don’t take chances with equipment you’re not familiar with, rent your gear from Sea Level Diving for your next vacation.

 Rental Equipment