Scuba Lessons For Ages 10 & 11

While a person ages 10 and 11 can get scuba certified, there are special requirements and restrictions.

Potential new divers ages 10 or 11 must participate in a Discover Scuba class before signing up for the Open Water Scuba course. This allows us to evaluate the student's maturity level and help the parents and child decide if they are ready for scuba diving. If, after the Discover Scuba, our Instructor, the child's parent(s) and the child all agree the child is ready for scuba, then they can sign up for the Open Water course. If they sign up on the same day as the Discover Scuba class for any future Open Water Scuba course, the $40.00 Discover Scuba fee will be applied to the Open Water course fee.

Details for the academic and pool training for ages 10 & 11:

The academic portion of the course will be done using PADI's On-line or Touch Scuba Training programs, which are completed at home. Use this link to sign up for the On-line or Touch, PADI Open Water Course. FYI: The On-Line version is done on a PC running windows and needs a continuous internet connection, the Touch version, is downloaded to an Android or Apple device and only needs an internet connection to download once. 

We recommend calling Sea Level Diving to schedule the pool training when you register for the academics with PADI, this will help ensure you get the pool dates that work best for you. After the academic portion is done, we'll do the semi-private pool training here at Sea Level Diving. We limit the enrolment to 4 students but most likely the class will only have 1 or 2 people in it. A parent or guardian will have to be present for the training. If the parent or guardian is already scuba certified or they don't want to take the course, they can simply observe the course and will not have to get in the water. If they are not certified, we recommend they take the course with the child. The pool training will be scheduled as needed, please call 815-479-0996 to make arrangements. On average pool training for 2 or 3 people takes 8 hours, this can be any combination of weeknights or a weekend.

Details for the Open Water Training Dives for Ages 10 and 11

The 4 Open Water Training Dives will complete the training for the student, earning them the Jr. Open Water certification. They will be limited to a max depth of 40' and are required to dive with a PADI professional or parent/guardian until age 12. At age 12 they will have a depth restriction of 60' as an Open Water Diver and with additional training, they could go as deep as 70'. At age 15 the Jr. designation will expire, and they can purchase a new card from PADI that no longer has the Jr. designation on it.

The 4 Open Water Training Dives can be done on vacation using the PADI referral program or they can be done locally with Sea Level Diving at Three Oaks Recreation Area. We do the dives May thru October; however we strongly recommend ages 10 and 11 wait until at least mid-June to do the dives because of water temperature. The 4 dives are done over 1 weekend, 2 dives Saturday and 2 dives Sunday from 7 am to about 3pm both days. Everyone meets at the store to get set up with equipment, then a parent/guardian will drive them to the park, remain until the dives are done, then return them to the store for paperwork.  

After completing the Academics, Pool Training and the 4 Open Water Training Dives, the student is certified as a PADI Jr. Open Water Diver.

Requirements for the course:

  1. Students must be at least 10 years old at time of Discover Scuba class. 10 is the minimum age for scuba diving.
  2. PADI E-Learning Enhancement Pack (included in the fees to Sea Level Diving, don't purchase this on PADI's site). This includes a log book, referral paperwork, eRDPML, student record folder.
  3. Mask, snorkel, boots and fins adequate for scuba diving. We understand children are still growing but they need a good set of equipment to help them successfully complete the course. If you purchase the equipment from Sea Level Diving, you will get a $50.00 discount on the course.
  4. A parent or guardian be present for the pool and training dives. They may or may not participate in the course.

Course fees:

PADI's Online Academic fee is $185.00.

Sea Level Diving's semi-private pool training fee is $326.82. If a parent, guardian or sibling(s) takes the course with the child, the fee is $301.82 each.  The fee includes the PADI E-Learning Enhancement Pack, up to 8 hours of pool training, referral paperwork, if necessary and taxes. Students will receive an additional $50.00 off the class with purchase of mask, snorkel, boots and fin set.

Open Water Training dive fee is $149.00 for all 4 dives and the use of all SCUBA equipment. The park admission fee is the responsibility of the student.  

  Cal today to get started 815-479-0996