Scuba Review Course

Haven’t been scuba diving lately and want a quick refresher? With Sea Level Diving and PADI you have 2 choices to get back in the water. Complete either a traditional Scuba Review or the ReActivate Program.

Traditional Scuba Review

View the video and complete the Scuba Tune-Up Workbook at home. Then, practice all the scuba skills in our on-site pool with one of our PADI Professionals. Our PADI Professional will sign your log book and put a sticker on your certification card as proof of completing a refresher class.

PADI ReActivate Program

You’ll review scuba concepts on your tablet, mobile device or computer, then review your scuba skills with one of our PADI Professionals in our on-site pool. The best part is, divers who complete both the knowledge review and in-water skill refresher receive a replacement certification card with a ReActivated date on it.

Either way, it’s quick, easy and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course or get ready for a diving vacation.

What will you learn?

Regardless of which program you use for knowledge review, you’ll immerse yourself in dive scenarios and make decisions that test your understanding of important dive safety concepts, dive planning essentials and problem management. Move through the information at your own pace and delve deeper into topics when you need or want to.

In the water, your PADI Professional will help you regain comfort and confidence in scuba diving. You’ll practice assembling the gear and then review the scuba skills.

How can you start learning now?

Stop in at Sea Level Diving and pick up the book and video or go to Re-Activate to register for the on-line refresher class and start working through the scenarios. Then schedule your water skills session with Sea Level Diving.

What gear will you use?

You’ll need your own mask, snorkel, fins and boots, which can be purchased here at Sea Level Diving at a discount. We will supply the regulator, BCD, weights and a scuba tank if you don't already have them. 

What will it cost? 

The Scuba Tune-Up Workbook is $27.95 the video is a loaner from Sea Level Diving.


The PADI on-line Reactivate is $63.00 paid to PADI.

The in water portion of the class is $120.00 paid to Sea Level Diving. 

When can I take the class?

Call Sea Level Diving at 815-479-0996 today to schedule your class!