i770RAqua Lung's New i770R Dive Computer

 The most tech-savvy diver will appreciate the i770R’s Bluetooth capability and cutting-edge
high-visibility TFT color screen, as well as its robust functionality and intuitive, compact design.
With standard features that include a rechargeable battery, 3-axis full-tilt compass, easy three-button navigation, multiple gas capability and 4 operating modes, managing your dive has never been easier. And, with options for hoseless gas integration via a paired-for-life transmitter and the Diver-Log+ app, you can integrate technology and connectivity to all your dive adventures.

   • Rechargeable lithium battery
   • High-visibility Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color screen with easy-to-use interface
      o Color screen. Ultra-bright, high-contrast, full-color TFT display, with easily adjustable
         intensity for perfect clarity and battery savings when a high-intensity screen is unnecessary
      o Easy-to-use interface. Monitor all your key information with the intuitive menu structure.
        The i770R’s intuitive 3-button navigation interface allows for easy settings preview and

   • Bluetooth data transfer to the DiverLog+ app*
      o Using your smartphone or tablet, the DiverLog+ app (available for iOS and Android) allows
         you to wirelessly interact with your i770R via the latest Bluetooth Smart technology
      o Remotely control all your i770R settings, view Log and Profi le data, add location, notes and other           details, as well as store and share photos and videos of your dive
   • Hoseless gas integration. Our patented Gas Time Remaining Algorithm provides calculations in
     real time, allowing accurate gas management
      o Compatible with 4 different transmitters and nitrox mixes on a single dive
   • Paired-for-life transmitter. Once you pair your transmitter to your i770R, it’s done—there’s no
     need to ever pair again
   • 3-axis full-tilt compass. Easy-to-read compass graphics, with a compass-bearing lock and
     reciprocal heading for easy navigation. An alternate compass bar can be displayed on the primary
     dive screen with the touch of a button.

Other Main Features

   • Multiple gas capability manages up to 4 Nitrox mixes (with 4 transmitters), each with individual
     PO2 set points
   • Audible alarms and color-changing segments provide cautions and warnings for additional safety
   • Automatic altitude adjustment ensures an accurate profi le
   • Included adjustable bungee wrist mount and NATO band
   • Pre-Dive planning feature allows a preview of planned dives to maximize your next adventure safely
   • Automatic Safety Stop Countdown displayed in minutes and seconds for clarity
   • Battery status indicator for both computer and transmitter
   • 4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive, so it’s up for any adventure
   • User-updatable software gives access to the latest features and upgrades
   • Optional deep stop with countdown timer
   • Salt or fresh water dive selection
   * DiverLog+ app can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play or ediverlog.com
   • Transmitter (40% or 100% O2)
Included in the Box
   • Download Cable
   • NATO Wrist Band
   • Bungee kit
   • Lens Protector
   • Quick Reference Card
   • Digital Instruction Manual
   • Paper Safety Reference
   • DiverLog+ Brochure